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Fucogel® is a polysaccharide rich in fucose with universal & S.M.A.R.T benefits: 
Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-aging, Restructuring, Touch 






How Solabia pioneered the original product Fucogel® in 1988

Cosmetic researchers in laboratories have an exciting mission: Create & Innovate for the better good. They study complex molecules to improve processes and products for the cosmetics market. Solabia’s core contribution to the cosmetic industry are active ingredients inspired from nature and enhanced through state of the art technologyreflecting the ambition of our hard-working researchers. 
Our company is very proud to look back at 1988 where our biotechnological cosmetic researchers discovered the ability of a bacterial strain to synthesize a unique polysaccharidic structure rich in fucoseBiosaccharide Gum-1, now widely known as the best cosmetic active ingredient for both efficient and sensorial formulations: Fucogel®. 
In 1988’s lab, a large screening of bacterial strains startedAmong all the strains tested, one stood out for its ability to produce a very particular polysaccharide structure rich in fucose. This original strain was selected from the natural environment, thus is a non-genetically modified strain. The fermentation process developed has been based on an environment free of animal compounds and GMOs. Solabia invested several years in cutting-edge scientific research to develop the product and fully explore the key biological and rheological properties on & in the skin.
Our company always relies on the deep mastery of a strain’s behavioural properties. Thus, the innovation of Fucogel® lead to an in-company PhD thesis on the composition of Fucogel® and its complex rheology guaranteeing the ultra-soft skin feel.  
Once realized and proven what kind of powerful active ingredient our team discovered, this unique strain was filed for a patent. Later, the strain deposit at the Institut Pasteur collection became official in 1995.
Ever since then the Solabia Group had the unique intellectual property rights for Fucogel® (Biosaccharide Gum-1) and could not be used by other parties. Today, the active counts 30 years without alteration but a lot of improvement in the knowledge of the biological properties of this active thanks to permanent research work and new biological tests. 

The history behind Fucogel®

Solabia acquired substantial expertise and experience in all the 26 years of industrial production. Based on the group’s mastery of the production process, the production capacity could be gradually amplified in order to fulfil the ever-increasing worldwide client demand for Fucogel®. Solabia’s manufacturing continuously improves, so does the R&D around Fucogel®. Our team successfully overcame many challenges on the preservation system, offering now a preservative-free powder version. The deep knowledge about all different biological mechanisms of Fucogel® is the fruit of long term experience from a long-established company in cosmetics like ours.
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La réussite de Fucogel® reflète les valeurs fondamentales de notre entreprise: innovation, fiabilité et persévérance. Fucogel® parmi d’autres produits a été à la base de l’histoire de Solabia sur le marché cosmétique depuis plusieurs décennies et continue de s’adapter parfaitement aux nouveaux besoins de développement durable et de clean beauty par exemple. Fucogel® et les autres polysaccharides de notre gamme illustrent parfaitement le savoir-faire et l’expertise de notre groupe. 

Fucogel®'s success reflects our company's core values: innovation, reliability and perseverance. Fucogel®, among other products, has been at the base of Solabia's history in the cosmetic market for several decades and continues to adapt perfectly to the new needs of sustainable development and clean beauty for example. Fucogel® and the other polysaccharides in our range perfectly illustrate the know-how and expertise of our group. 




- Mr. Gerard JOSSET, Founder of Solabia Group

A tour through Fucogel®'s Beauty World

Fucogel® is a known active cosmetic ingredient for every cosmetics formulation chemist, appreciated for its consistent quality and effectivenessFucogel® has an incredible stability in thousands of formulations and millions of end-products. That is why Solabia’s clients favourite and bestselling product is trusted by market leaders. In 30 years, Fucogel® orders summed up to a lengthy list of worldwide product references: An undeniable quality signal for our customers. From indie brands to large multinational companies, from young customers to elderly, Fucogel® is well received everywhere.
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